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Henry Kepner-Long Term Professional Development Grants

The purpose of this grant is to provide financial assistance to teachers, grade level groups, or school districts for long-term professional development pertaining to mathematics education.  Grants of a maximum of $4000 will be awarded to help support sustained professional learning that engages teachers in deepening their mathematical knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge of mathematics, knowledge of students as learners of mathematics, and in improvement of instructional practices. 

Long-term professional development for purposes of this award is defined as 6 to 12 months of sustained and intensive engagement in professional learning.   For example, the extended period could be a summer and at least one semester of a school year or over the academic school year.

The project could include in-service mathematics education sessions, development of teacher leaders, implementation of a new standards-based mathematics curriculum aligned with rigorous standards, development and implementation of standards-based aligned curricular units or assessments, or on-going professional development centered on best practices in mathematics education.  In all cases, the focus of the proposed professional development should be on improving teaching and student learning. 

Proposals should include a provision for mathematics education experts as consultants, coaches or advisors from outside or inside of the school district.  Proposals may also include funds for materials, substitute teachers, and conference or workshop registrations.  Proposal should address the requirements listed below

Interested teachers, grade level groups and districts are invited to submit a proposal.

Project Description should address the following

  • Overall goal of the project
  • Need:  Give a brief, specific description of the need for the proposed professional development.
  • Grade-level focus
  • Mathematics content
  • Plan: Describe how the proposed project will be conducted and how it will meet the identified needs listed above.
  • Timeline
  • Number of teachers impacted:
  • Number of students impacted:
  • Mathematics education consultants, coaches or advisors involved in the project and describe their role.


The deadline for these applications are
July 1 and December 1 

Download Application forms and Information

This zipfile includes

  • Henry Kepner Long-Term PD Grant Description and Procedure for Applying
  • Cover Form for WMEF Grants
  • Budget Request Form
  • Reimbursement Form
  • Dr. Henry S. Kepner bio