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Julie Stafford Professional Development Grants

The Wisconsin Mathematics Education Foundation (WMEF) awards grants of up to $1,500 each to encourage and support the efforts of an individual or teams of mathematics educators to take course work or to attend conferences or workshops.   The focus of the courses/ workshops/ conferences should center on the enhancement of instructional methods, promotion of the effective teaching of mathematics at all levels and the improvement of student interest and scholastic achievement in mathematics.

Interested teachers, grade level groups and districts are invited to submit a proposal.

Project Description should address the following


  • Name of the conference/ workshop/ course work and sponsor of the conference/ workshop/ course work.
  • Reasons for wanting to attend the conference/ workshop/ course work.
  • What need will attendance at the workshop/ conference/ course work address?
  • Approximately how many students will be directly impacted as a result of attendance at the workshop/ conference/ course work?  What grade level(s) will be involved?


The deadline for these applications are
July 1 and December 1 

Download Application forms and Information

This zipfile includes

  • Julie Stafford Professional Development Grant Description and Procedure for Applying
  • Cover Form for WMEF Grants
  • Budget Request Form
  • Reimbursement Form 
  • Dr. Julie Stafford bio