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Student Activity Grants

The Wisconsin Mathematics Education Foundation (WMEF) awards up to $500 to encourage the involvement of students in mathematics activities beyond their regular classrooms.  These projects may include, but are not limited to, creating a math club, forming a weekend math circle, holding a family math night, or any other student-centered activity that promotes student involvement in mathematics.

Interested teachers, grade level groups and districts are invited to submit a proposal.

Project Description should address the following

  • What is the projected objective?  What need, problem or opportunity does the project address?
  • What are the project activities?  How will these activities fulfill the stated objectives?
  • Approximately how many students will be directly involved in the project?  What grade levels will be involved?
  • What will happen to the project at the conclusion of the grant?  If it is continued, what are future funding plans?
  • Have you tried to address the need(s) described in this proposal in the past?  If so, how successful were these efforts?


The deadline for these applications are
July 1 and December 1 

Download Application forms and Information

This zipfile includes

  • Student Activity Grant Description and Procedure for Applying
  • Cover Form for WMEF Grants
  • Budget Request Form
  • Reimbursement Form